Yengemi Shook Harassment

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More than 20 years old.. uncle’s wife and the daughter of our side in the apartment as a neighbor otururlardi but urgently home to go to, when needed, we remain began. Uncle’s wife 36-37 years, although each person would lie type of a woman.. Anyway.. Break of 1 week had passed..
I was in my room kuzeninde on the floor lay. Uncle’s wife is in the hall only to sleep… my Father is no longer in the late moments until the fit is that getting what happens to die. An evening secretly stare. My mother early in the lies and the deep sleeps. That is, media available hours 12de, I left the two alone, at 02:00, while the control of the order I went in.

What I saw was the fact that uncle’s wife father yarragini, such as vacuum licked.. Fortunately me gormemislerdi don’t have what I would do for a while after watching relax, go masturbasyaon started to do.. the Next morning, no one thing bozuntuya not, but my father’s such to do I could not understand.. uncle’s wife and the mother was very strict fikidir actually. Home jobs, together they started to make my mother yengeme thin and short red one night, and had given. The air is hot uncle’s wife internal camasira giymemisti.. Noon, there was no one home. I was the seat of the TV watching. Home jobs yengeme remained a break in the eye yengeme installed. Dust receiving bent tried to tend to her breasts. Oh my god what did they very appealing tits. I empty dururmuyum immediately my room to go and hung up I started yengemde this situation suphelenmis that behind everything to come, he saw my face’ve turned at the shock was just staring at me. After quickly toward the going mother anlatacagini thought. Ee mine by myself in a position had at home. Yengemin the arm and held it. Your mouth shut cirpinmaya started jewelry coming out of my mouth yesterday evening my father and what you’re doing I know to say so. My hand took very cesaretlenmistim. Direct lips yumuldum. The right hand is geceligi under the hand siyirarak gotunu oksuyordum no more room to me to correspond. A lot of opustukten then the length of the started kissing, and then down the geceligin on the breast yaliyordum. The ends of the steeply after hangers narrowed it down.. It breasts of my hands. The ends of licking even bite because I started a most women I value in gogusleriydi.. Almost to the bedroom. Now as ondaydi yarragimi yalamasini wanted to at first, appeal, although after aksamkinden whether he started licking great and very professional. After a few minutes on the bed out domaldi and geceligini remove that husband to take to push started. Uncle’s wife started to moan even screaming. After the bonus is licking started more moving frequently me he was shouting sikmeye I started, of course, is a terrific feeling.. Into bosalmistim in the end, and at the end of this remains after my olabilegimi said bede these secrets for years I’ve kept calligraphy replied subject..


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