I am married, but I’m in love someone else

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23 years old, I’m gonna keep my name right, and because of my husband’s family live in the province of Adana. I did not do it willingly marriage. So will my wife was kidnapped by people return to work one evening. Maybe you did not know I woke up I’d be happy to have delivered one of the body is in trouble. But I can not get used and the husband said, liked the man is gone! We live in this city for about 2 years. Here I met a guy named Hassan. We live in the same building and with it dengiyiz head. Is more correct to say we met was by chance. Because of the house below the market came eye to eye, there was first talk. Then came a weekend out of the building facing the stairs on the way out and we took each other attractive bakışmalar. I knew that day I have the eyes of this child!

It is such a mean age ortancı sister paper, sent it to me. I have read and wanted to give me my phone number. Me too my eyes he is a child sent his brother do not hesitate to write my number. He texted me one day that my husband and müsaitmisin led me to question. I’m down, yes, my husband is not at home right now! He threw answer. 5 minutes passed and I call to talk to live with me. We talked on the phone with each other on top of that, we’ve decided to become lovers among us. Whether I’m being ridiculous, although, to be happy, I can say this on the road.

I meet regularly with the beloved consistency of these live in love. In addition, I’m going ilişkiyede and I am very happy with it. I managed to fall in love with him, so I can not wait to be side by side with him at all times. My valentine love heart and murderous Hasan’s now understood that lady. My husband is barely going to be the man you want to come and eat in the evening, away from the things that goes lies and weekend escapes Has anyone called to deal with me. I’m sure someone like that even if you do not. Because not one to withdraw. Maybe I’m doing a big mistake, but it also made me mistake of kidnapping the world. I said before I was married ten sides. I will never love you, I will not be the only lip from you! What he did, and still continues to make mistakes. Let me look at it as well boynuzluyorum, both taste so doyumca off.

Let me say something your friends swearing at me, but it’s a big mistake kabulleniyorum persist in saying this guy on my way. I love the kids get out of the crazy, head over heels in love with him.

Our letter of the previous article, titled I Love You Love the Internet The Internet cheating, cheat and Virtual Darling gives information about my fiancée.


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