Sweet hearts changed: Silk – Derya

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Hi, I’m Mehmet. How do you değiştiğimizi sweethearts and I want to tell my close friend named Ali. First, get out of Derya his beautiful girlfriend for 5 years and Ali \ ‘s Silk tell you about his wonderful girlfriend, Darya 23 years old, 1.60 tall 47-48kilo, green eyes, blond chick is a girl. Bi of small and medium-sized breasts, waist, hips round and thin. Vaginal sex with him always do. Derya also very nice fuck oral sex, oral sex with me stirs minutes, kudurtur me lick my balls and my dick. Boşalmama allows for the occasional mouth. In Silk 1.70boyunda, 53kilo, open auburn-haired, fair-skinned, thin-waisted girl. Her breasts Derya \ ‘rivaling her hips slightly larger and a bit more broadly. Silk \ ‘s column appears as the shape and thin legs and a great interest in her skin had always been.

Everything is in a time of alcoholic Ali began after talking about our interest in each other’s girlfriends. That the effect of alcohol Admiral \ ‘s ass told me, and I Silk \’ s legs, I told you I liked. Mutual laughed, and in fact “why not,” he started to think and plan. Could do everything except anal sex with Derya, saying it hurts the business when it comes to giving up the ass passing. As a result you do not want it, and I decided to try a couple of ass-hole was yanaştırmaz. Admiral \ ‘s comfortable with me because of a girl bahsedebiliyor other men, handsome and sexy men telling me that it finds. Jealous am not one of them, and the problem was not listening. Derya, we went for a swim one day, Ali \ ‘s her sexy body and he said he had seen. At that moment talking about Ali and pre-plan in my head began to appear.

Ali \ ‘to the Admiral \’ s not going to say he found her sexy. Only 2 pairs drink and plenty of girl friends having fun and then we can be alone each other to create a planned environment. At that time, both of us so that we can get the girls more comfortable to sevgililerimizle sevişmeyecektik for 2 weeks. Girls azdırıp, içirip sikecektik each other’s lover, that was the plan. Sevgililerimizle that are horny for 2 weeks to make love together, Ali \ ‘s summer house went. Protect its appropriate opportunity to present it to each other over the weekend sweethearts.

Ali \ ‘s luxury summer house, enjoying the sun and the sea day we went to 4 people. Derya again, Ali \ ‘s said it was sexy. Normally, we live together and have sex every day for 2 weeks because quite şehvetliydi sevişmememizden. Why not make love with him asking, and I’m tired all the time, saying the work is intense. We have lots of conversations by the fireplace drink wine that night. Derya, was chatting with Ali, the effect of alcohol and perversion had forgotten me and Ali \ ‘s seemed to fall into. Silk and mayışmış as well as the Admiral \ ‘s jealous, not interested in him for 2 weeks Derya lover \’ s conversation was getting as deep into the fall. At one point he wanted to go to the seaside, the pinnacle of alcohol Ali said. Silk is also very willing to thoroughly upset when Admiral, “I’m going to bed,” he said. Now you could see our plan works perfectly.

I’m tired of telling Ali \ ‘to the Admiral \’ s going out or told to take. Admiral Ali did not go to bed after going to the silk, the conversation continued. Silk, Ali \ ‘s ignored it, he said. “Have not had sex for 2 weeks even,” he offended in front of me, I realized that a disaster was horny and drunk. Derya and Ali \ ‘s gerçidiklerini a very nice time, and it is also jealous of my Admiral \’ s said it did not adequately respond to my wishes. Silk \ ‘e “is already Derya’s not a girl as beautiful as you,” I said, and “Ali \’ s never neglect you, I would not if I were you,” he added. Silk liked my speech. Darya and sexual lives, we opened up the subject. Saying Doymadığımı Silk \ ‘e compliments started to rain. Silk loose with the help of a drink. “Admiral \ ‘s sexy underwear had me interested in, or are betrayed us?” He asked a little angrily Silk came to me and “see them!” He retorted. Works fine. Silk \ ‘s planted a kiss on her neck and started kissing. Under his shirt caressing her breasts, nipples bra inside, I figured, and I’ve searched, sertlerşmişlerdi. Silk as well as a fierce clinging to my lips. Soydurup took off his T-shirt bra that is already open. Admiral \ ‘rivaling big breasts are great.

The remaining areas under the bikini white. Avuçlarken tits ass licking stick my hand into the shorts. He was caressing my body, my clothes taken off. It was obvious not hesitate to get caught. Kissing me, sucking my neck, hot body, rubbing mine. Ipek was sitting in my lap where I got licked nipples started to bite. Kisses and bites hard for both of us at the end of the neck flushed. Uninstall and took off shorts. Tangasıyla looked like a sex goddess. Canlandırdığımdan imagination is much more beautiful than my dreams, but I always told her adorning, amused. More erotic movements began soydurmaya me. Boxer’imi domalıp in front of me and pulled my pants. I have a great body, watching her hips and took my dick in her mouth. Since long straight hair, throwing my dick and began to suck hard. Occasionally licks my balls off my dick again in his mouth sucking the dick head. What the fuck was almost like a wood. Ipek, turned over and started to remove and 69. I started to lick her cunt and ass off Tangasını sparkling. Moans, fast, and taking deep breaths, kuduruyordu. Sometimes parmaklıyordum ass and amine, which makes it more fueled. Search for Bi stood over me and the “build now” he said. Domalttım. So that it shines and liquids dripping wet pussy. Fucking entered a long and raucous time “Ihhh” uttered. I held his hips and started pumping. On the one hand the “daracıksın” he said. Every time I even azıyordu compliment. Sikerken finger ass hole, sometimes breaking down occasionally stroking her breasts. In the meantime, yalamamdan much liked the neck and back. 2 weeks perversion and jealousy çıldırtmıştı this girl before me had an orgasm. I was continuing to pump, take her hips with both hands while watching ass hole, ass hole azdırıyordu me even to watch. The back of the neck, waist, and hips outburst did. Kissing the ground lay side by side. Ipek, as well as the pleasure of getting revenge on his face and saw the peaceful expression.

Derya and Ali had gone half an hour. Now the expectation that the future did not rush to the second mail. Settled down to chat with silk. Ali said he cheated a few times, “I was not drunk or have sex with you,” he said. The problem was obvious convenience of not cheating anyway. At the same time Ali was jealous, she slides Derya’ya himself wanted to have sex with me a little for it. 15-20 minutes after the conversation began to stir again, my little one. Okşamalarım kiss sikileceğini increases, İpek’te terkrar understood, it pleased. Even highly experienced Silk was a girl, fond of men knew how much ass. Me to reach out and began to lick me. Scroll down taşakalrımı lick my dick was driving me crazy. I’m ready for every good here was apparent, he stopped and asked, “how to fuck my ass do you want? “Laughing at the same time. I even licked her lips look voluptuous çıldırtıyordu me. Domaldı found in her bag, and again took up his ass cream. Each other to touch your knees bent and domaldı. Behaved and polite to put up his ass slow. Into the combustion was more hurt because it is already used. Himself groaning sound coming from your loins beat of her hips. You had a chance to accelerate the sounds came from the outside. I even went to the bathroom to take clothes of silk trying to recover. I was dressed and appeared at the door and Ali Darya. Darya could not look at my face. Ali smiled to each other. But I was determined to Ipek, then ass fuck …


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