summer vacation with your children

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READERS salute you this summer (2012) I want to tell you that I lived, and an event that is still home to step fatma hanimiyin I live in Germany 42 years my wife has a permanent establishment of its own one boy and one girl are working mother of two children here after doing the household chores during the day which is purely a fitness center for women go off when getting out of the sports’ll do it often with my husband’s request Much of the business environment of the wives of my wife’s dress when going out I wear the veil off when it says giynmemi clients, but I can not see me open other times, ie closes when the content is very comfortable in there the only guests comfortable geyinir treats.
Schools closed for private affairs of my wife, children could not go to have come summer vacation at home all day sikiliyorlardi after dinner one evening my wife said let’s you send on vacation for three weeks in Turkey was two hours after we all assumed he was joking hadiyin ucginiz leaves in place the rest of the belongings in a suitcase gets there, he said ihtiyaclarinizu
kemal my wife, me and my girl hatice (17) and son hakani (16) on the plane ride took me to the airport antalya Antalya passport and customs inspection of your hand after the transition towards the women I changed our clothes with my daughter I was going tualetine a white blouse and a mini skirt icime sütyan geymedim (yasima very ambitious compared) under the düsükbel torn jeans girl wore a top rope strap hatice room sütyan geymemisti boy outdoors hakan us first saw the house in such Boye had seen, even if only a thong and a kiss on my cheek, turn to her sister kondurup mother said, you’re a very nice rare cheek saying, lips and kissed the ground with a mixture of
led us on a bus tour company responsible for coming to meet us
After an hour’s journey in approx
reseptionda kummöyde came to our hotel room, showing us settled in our records after making a double room I had at one single bed and a double bed, go to sleep hatice hakanda shower and slept in the only way ordinary fatigue personality yatacakti slept woke up immediately after we made our breakfast before you go downstairs and go to the mall to the sea To enter Benini kiziminda bought a few things after they have taken a very provocative tarzdandi looked at some things into a lingerie store selling at that time I saw Hakan’s looking very carefully go over the string tangalara told me one beyensene gave me a string at one open mid-Amim purely consisting of ropes You enjoyed very difficult to cover both lips slip it away I put him on the sly man Tangas basket Sepe threw it away banada go sister, one daughter said begensene onada two went back to the hotel we had lunch and ate liked alice verisimizi tmamlayip went to the hotel’s beach resort, although it is a very crowded in the shade I new I had once slept with three sejlong ​​find geymistim Hatice only bikini bikini topless in the heat puffs ship something like that here, too foreign turust anyone’s attention when it exits you want me, said I had no hakan then said with a smile more beautiful than yours, here is older turistlerinkinden komplinam to thank you for this my son to kiss his cheek He turned his head and kissed my lips reached for benign gözsün open already said, laughing pic wow I started to sunbathe topless bikini remove the top of the caller’s phone rang at that time called to ask, how is esimdi holiday we said günesleniyoruz thanked him again after I mentioned that I bought recently and at the moment topless bikinis Beer me a picture of the father he told güneslendigimizi Manual Manual lap near us, our pictures with digital camera is being recorded on the ball hitch it up to send them into the sea, the sea güneslendik We played various games We got our dream to go to our room for dinner hakana tangasini whether he received in a male under wear thong with hakan wanted in. tangasinin entered into the semi-raised tasakklari hard cock and let me sigiyordu you tangalardan I liked my towel wrapped round my waist when we say gay, I took one of the lips of my pussy hard he told me to come with us haticede geymistim thong covering the rope string geymisti selected by Hakan Hakan Hakan I had been a dick will not fit anymore into the bathroom tangaya looked at me and laughed, saying, What hatice got to rhatlamam went gidiyrum yapacigiz help Edey said, presenting hatice I went into the bathroom saying, I want to relax cacuk went to the door and stand behind what happened the first time I was watching my son was he doing saxo hatice brother cock cock raised brim seeing it away I’ve seen before, but it was not raised and bad and vulgar kalindi hakan sister had come impressed when we say let’s do 69 lay down the ground did not appeal to my daughter never slept with hakan where have you sucked dick apparently brought the first did not engage in ablasida brim amine amine yaladikca hatice hakan her sister had an orgasm moans sasilarak hatce sucking dick, but more often Hakan had no intention of coming to look at all you want me to occasionally hatice grinning as if to say I wanted to touch a little bit closer to the sides of the fingers ATIP amima amima put his hand approached hakana was exactly how I did not understand, but with the help of my daughter, my son, was officially buried ali amima cock fucking me kizimise it away under the sudden photography we came at the same time with the offspring of his machine with hakan ölümsüzlestiriyordu emptied deep into my pussy up and about again and then we went to our dream it away after dinner in the hotel restaurant section of the hotel to our room after we watched various ezkinliklerri cross the hatice a drink and chatted with hakan about two years since they made oral sex a few times ass It hurts so bad, but he has given all the time I looked at the pictures taken after imis vermiyormus a virgin in one of the faces very begindik görünmüyormus because it does not know who those people are seeing these pictures that night, my son woke up in the morning shook me to the two mail brother sister having sex, and there was blood stain on the towel underneath serdikleri Since then, shaking every opportunity is a very enjoyable
Greetings to all of you


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