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Step Guler, 30 years old and married for 10 years. My husband is a truck driver taking goods abroad, once a month, two months, three to five days remain, work, and able to take care me back to Europe by the way, is going to Russia. We had a child, my son is going to school at the age of eight. Economic situation is considered good, but I’m miserable. My marriage is going through a big all the time to observe the ways … Satılınca the apartment below us a year ago, my husband bought the apartment. Stood in an empty apartment for a while, and then come and hired an elderly husband and wife. There was a young lad with them blind. White cane walking, you could do their job. Oğullarıymış Hussein. My husband and I loved the little family. Hussein, the university opened a special section for the visually impaired, reading and going to college in the morning by bus in the city. I took my son to school was bringing a street future. Every morning we left the constantly encountering the same time, together, we just leaving. I told her on the road pavements on the road, while helping to overcome the barriers that are keeping the elbow, along with walking for at least ten minutes in this way. I leave to my son at the bus stop in front of the school and chat with Hussein, provided’re getting to ride the bus when it comes to warn them. Every day, outbound and thoroughly sincere in this way would. Hussein much she talked a lot, a lot şakacıydı ta. No feeling sorry blindness. But, above all, a very handsome young Hussein. Hussein is very fascinated, I have a feeling we walk by holding the elbow and it’s nice, I thought of him as his wife. He constantly tells me something in my hand, my arm aklımdaysa temperature was not anything else. Excited, a lovely young girl was me like. Now that was what happened that Husseini not see leaving the house door knocking, waiting for his parents to come out of his selamlaşıp. Has gone on for so long about 3-4 months, I became very friendly Huseyinli. My husband loved the family. And we had dinner with them a few times, got to talkin ‘. Approachable people. Anne’s father had land in the country. Half of the year, sowing, planting, harvesting, and so having a country for jobs. Hussein left alone in the house, run by its own house, going to school. My husband came home resourceful limited is one of the days we talked fondly how she always used to tell Hussain. One spring day. My husband had gone to Russia again. Two weeks alone. Memleketteydi Hussain’s mother’s father. Go to the store to get something for dinner while traveling down the house was making Hussein. Hello to each other, – “Where are you going Hussein?” He asked. He, too, – “My parents went to his country, one of the restaurants at the mall, I eat pita sister or something.” He said. I, – “a very nice meal at home. Come Pita food to go inside. I have come to take things a convenience store, we eat. Both children are usually left alone at home, the better … “I said. He, too, – “Okay sis!” He said. Hussein got inside, grabs her arm. Knew the way, but I would still take him to the gym. My son was delighted to see him coming. I went out hurriedly got debts go to the store, I came home. Something to drink, cola, beer, fruit juice or something got plenty of … Hussein sat playing with my son when I arrived, my son was telling him something eagerly. They were talking and I made dinner. Dinner, a nice time to say it was five advanced, was like 9 o’clock. I put my son is school the next day. Hussein also acted to get up when I arrived, – “Oh .. did not understand lost track of time., I get up, sis.” he said. I stopped holding his arm, – “Sit down, Hussein, anyhow you’re lonely, I … Alone at home and bored. I’ll get you a cold beer, the conversation will continue. You go home, what will you do? Let’s sit together, you know … “I said. Continue the conversation we were … we were no longer alone. Tidbits cold a beer, both of us drinking beer, talking. Discussion has been delayed, second, third, içildi beers. I felt a strange, my inside jack-kıpırdı . husband had been gone for two weeks. caresses myself alone in my bed, inside the two long weeks work to be satisfied with a salad or something and stick a long, lonely nights … But this night a handsome young man sitting alone, I was chatting with her. chat with one hand on the one hand, while his handsome face, his muscled arms, broad chest, bulging his pants in front of the watching. And no, without hesitation, without shame … because I knew that for me, where I looked up, I could not see how looking at. received the influence of alcohol was comfortable that it moves … his school, friends, home life, telling us to be listening when we talk about the fact that I was not even aware of what I told him, was too busy watching. Occasionally a “duh, huh?” join the conversation by saying something like, doing fidgeting, talking to her fleshy lips, his shirt open I was looking slightly hairy chest that appears sides. On the one hand stroking myself. Yeah, I felt like I had lost.’m sitting yayılmıştım seat. my hand under my skirt one, squeezing the squeeze leaves bitten into my panties, the other hand stroking my breasts swelled ends. was like crazy. lonely nights last without sex had made me a stranger here … alone with the blind young, just the two of us sitting on the face of it I was masturbating. Moreover, I was not even slightly drunk. Ghraib did not even know I made … I took it out on me hanging T-shirt bra straps to download. breast to a bottle of cold beer in my hand between trembling, swollen nipples was walking. goose bumps swollen. effect of the cold bottle, I do not know the effect of increasing lust rising within me. Abundance to not sound, I could mind to bite my lips to groan. Hussain’s been a while squirming in her seat, her legs began muscular difference I have. jammed acted like. Toparlandım, – “What happened Hussein? disturb you?” I asked. – “No, sister … Well … I have to go home … “he squeezed … -” I think I need to go to the toilet … bored, movement is clear. ” I tried to comfort her … – “Well, yeah, sister … These beers … ‘m Not used to actually drink that much … Very stuck in the … Even if I can not make it home. “-” Come, my dear, I’ll take you lavavoya. Sıkılmana do not need … all this time together, we’re not strangers anymore … ” He stood up, holding the hands of Hussein forwarded. Downloaded from the T-shirt came down straps, boobs revelation, but I have never seen the need to fix, anyhow he did not see me. I walked side by side, holding his arm yaklaştırdım narrow hallway. One of my breast is touching her arm, tip sürtünüyordu shirt. Ow … Of course, this is just a short moment … And let them enter through the door of the bathroom, take left in front of the toilet. Standing next to waiting. He hesitated, smiling, – “Sister, I’ll take care of the rest, you can show the location of the sink, is enough for me …” – “Oh, I’m sorry, dear …” I said. “Indeed, you are a big man …” he held his hand, told him the location of towels to put on the sink side. Supposed to leave, but suddenly I realized I wanted sorely to see hers. I turned to the door, as it emerges from the inside making noise off. I’ve been watching him standing by the door without even breathing right now. Hurriedly lifted the toilet lid, the area around the zipper down with his hands up straight after ezberledikten polling place. Hussein took stick your dick inside your hand … My eyes widened. Between his fingers a huge, long-standing a monster. Hardened, vessels came in, like a cork to the bottom of the beginning of the yummy purple is a great big organ of the male. Probably higher than 20 centimeters length, the thickness of the eye filled … Okay, my husband’s in the doyuruyordu me, but it was a far cry den den inletiyordu bed like … It took everything I groan, my hand in my mouth shut. I was afraid to hear my heart beat … His cock was so hardened, that was erected towards the spindle from the top down and the toilet betrothed to işeyebilmek, şırıl şırıl started to pee. Could not take my eyes away from it … It took minutes of pee … When I finally returned to the sink side without engaging into that big stiff dick. Off the tap and washed his hands. Washed their hands with liquid soap still in the square, from the outside zipper, straight out of the air, and then took standing erect cock … Slippery, wet fingers stroked like this. Then squeeze in her hands, began to shift to the root of the beginning. His face was red, he was biting his lips. He wet fleshy lips kissable “oohhh …” he broke out a moan … “Oohhh … friendly …” she moaned, whisper … Wow … wow *** I could not believe my eyes. He pats my beautiful dick soapy fingers, Hussein himself was satisfied with … It’s weird, freaky, this situation … In my own house, my bathroom, my son sleeping in the room, watching a foreign man to satisfy himself secretly … Delirious and my name … Thinking of me … For a moment he jumped on top of a huge dick, keeping gobble up, inside, the flames burning, I wanted to put amıma juices flowing. After you’ve mastered myself to stop. By doing so ürkütebilirdim my bird … Reverse tepebilirdi … Stroking his dick whisper my name, but … Or if I pressed on the different response? Me “sister,” he came to me to address … Job fair refüze Would tersleyip me wonder if the bin? I could not bear it … I got myself … It is also more uzatmadı already wiped his dick wash with cold water, forced to stick slot, pulled the zipper. Wash their hands and rubbed his face with wet hands. I was waiting to drop obsolete manhood. Have gone head-to-door hurriedly pulled the opposite side wall of the polling. Opened the door and came out, proceeded to the hall hall polls polls. I proceeded quietly from behind, as if they odadaymışım – “Oh, Hussein did?” He I met her … “No problem, right? As I heard, You called to me? “He asked her cunning … -” No, sister … ” It seemed to me as if saying blushed … Began to resume the conversation. Cold beer in your hand this time I sat next to ignite the sofa … I was looking closely at him now … Examines each side, in front of the bulging pants watching that. I knew what a monster that lies within edema … I kept challenging myself to skip the top. Friends, girls, school, talking about life experince. I interrupted, – “You got a girlfriend Hussein? “I asked. “I mean … like a date” He, too, – “No, no, sis.” He said. – “Have never had a girlfriend,” I said. – “No, I did not, unfortunately, sister.” He said. “They take care of healthy men, just become friends with me … I would not want anyone in this halimle …” At that moment, you’re touching, I feel sorry for Hussein, hand held, – “Do not upset yourself Hussein. You’re handsome, wiry young man. What girl does not want you not realize you’re missing. “He tried to console him.” Maybe you’ll find someone. “, I said. Hussein was delighted to take my word for it. I was wondering if this time, I wonder if Hussein was ever engaged in sexual congress. I did not know how to ask. Should I ask, thinking I do not ask, my mouth went suddenly, the çakır enjoyable beer, I could talk more freely in the toilet due to the view I have ever seen, – “have you ever had sexual relations with Hussein?” Deyiverdim. Hussein again, – “No, I’ve never been big sister. More national could not! I guess I’m not too much as it will be in this condition … “he said, his head bowed in, embarrassed. – “I see …” I said. “Well, daughter, we find, how do you know how he is one of the Hussein size you want one? Either the body is not like you want it?” – “My family might help you, sis. And these are my eyes … “he showed his hands.” Fumbled with my hands I can see. I’m trying to figure out the sound of the character. “Swallowed hard. Poll hands right? Wander for a moment I imagined those hands on me. Trembled. Fever was rising steadily … forked, with a hoarse voice, -” Well, how am I Hussein? What do you think about me? ‘ – “Well .. You’re young, you’re a nice friendly sister … “-” Young okay, you know I’m beautiful? Yoklamadın that? ” I took your hand and face. His fingers on my forehead, my nose, my lips, my cheeks, my chin lightly circulated, stroking … I kissed my lips gently laid his finger … Such as fire-pointed fingers touched, stroked my hair. Smokings melted, burned spoons that pleasure … – “Well, how do you know what her body Hussein said,” whispers … “It is with your fingers?” Hussain’s face was flushed as well. My hair down gently take your hand and fingers came down … hair on my neck downloaded … as if to invite you on my shoulders wandered. again took her right hand and hold my boobs. Hanging belimdeydi shirt. boobs in the square, tall became the ends with desire, lust kabarmışlardı. Showdown naked boobs wanted to take the first contact, I got it, did not. – “Sister?” he said, swallowing … Whisper, – “Go ahead Hussein … Continue to see … “I said.” Tell me about it … How can I nice? Nice boobs? Come on, tell me … “My chest heaving with excitement nefeseydim breath … -” Ooohhh … sister … Your skin is so beautiful … Your hair is like silk … Your lips are smooth, succulent meat … the neck long, swan-like. .. breasts … Very … Very nice … hard … Tips … bubbled round pimples around there … ” Talking to her lips, chest, wandering the ends of the fingers were trembling. Dried my lips with excitement, licking the wet. – “Then what? Go on … Down in … Also tell those places … “-” flatten your stomach, muscular … no belly, no excess weight, fish Neotethys … ” I held your hand, put it in my lap. He gets it. Stroking my legs, to go upwards, began to enter the bottom of my skirt. – “Your legs are also nice, hard, muscular … Hairless … Self-looking, well-groomed guy … “-” Ohhh … Yes, dear … New ağdaladım legs … A few days later my husband in the future, he had prepared. Come on … Continue … ” Hands, fingers, groin came was stroking the top of my panties. – “Sis … It’s … “-” … oohhh dear … Woman pussy … I Am … I ellemedin Amim, huh? For the first time right? ” Trembling fingers … “Stop, take off my panties, I touch …” Indiriverdim removing my panties skirt lift my back … There was never an obstacle in front of his fingers now. Stroking, squeezing, his fingers circled on each side of the corner. My legs, opened the back I gave myself thoroughly. I was a prisoner of his fingers caressing my clam pleasure. “Oohhh … Continue Hussein … Very nice … Continue …” – “Wet, this sister … Like fire … Wet … “-” Yes, dear … I enjoy taking the waters to come because … you okşadıkça … Enjoy … Enjoy water they give me my dear … My man … Oohhhh …. ” – “Sis … I’m … Nothing to me very hardened … Is disturbing … Can I take? “Straightened up. Too bad I was. Could not leave without eating that big cock. But I would not be here, could hardly contain myself when that big cock inside me screams, the noise would. Children could not sleep comfortably. Hussain took his hand, -” Sister? ” said offended offended … Smiling lips kissed my man … – “Hussein would not be here … Children have … I can not stand, making love sounds, noise, I do, I wake up. I go home, my dear … ‘ll Be more comfortable. I would like to make the national tonight … Come on, come on … “Uninstall and took her hand, looked at my face off, correcting my son’s room, sleeping soundly. Took her hand, hurried steps, go downstairs, Hussain went down to his house. Excitement with trembling hands took the keys and opened the door. Yasladım wall, go inside and shut the door yumuldum my man … your lips. meat and licking his lips and he responds, sucking. Slice into his tongue stroked her mouth. A long long kiss. myself … We were both breathing nefeseydik forcibly pulled back. Üstümdekileri took torn through, I was naked. again approached Hussein yasladım naked body, holding hands kissing his body … I took my hips. understood what I wanted, his hands roam kalçalarımda, stroking my back. Stones are like my belly was pushing his cock over his pants. put your lips together without a hand, belt solves a hurry with his pants down indiriverdim küloduyla. Footwear , socks, leg stood still, trousers or standing. Long cock out like a rocket in the air erected. knelt in homage to bend over and get in front of the … between my fingers I watched with admiration enjoy a drop of water in the hole at the end of majesty … stroked … shining. I bought it with my lips stretched … a tiny drop zone per kissed … – “Ohhh … friendly sister …” groaned the man … Kasılıvermişti the theme of my lips. – “My dear … Let yourself to me … You can leave your sister … I’ll take care of everything … “fuck’s husband tried to put his head in my mouth. Bought the … sucks, passing around in my mouth like a lollipop, tongue caressing. Canavarıma Remove and replace wet looking, and then puts in my mouth again, until the entry into my throat, trying to get to the bottom. also does not idle hands, squeezing bags stroked her legs, insides, stroking the hairs groin, finger kabalarında, was walking back of the hole. knees began to shake my man … – “Sister … Sister … I’m …” Lifted my head off his dick out of my mouth, his face was red, his mouth opened like a bird short of breath. His hands were clenched in my hair. Was going to cum, – “Let it go, my dear … Empty’s inside … I suck you now … Swallow you … “I got in my mouth again … vacuuming, I started to suck. Felt the first drops came from. Mouth is starting to fill up the familiar taste. Their hands involuntarily grasped the root of hair draws, trying to bury his cock up to my neck. Came to be can not breathe, but endured . sperm directly down my throat began to shift. convulsed, her legs shaking, moaning. It was empty, I choked. took off his dick out of my mouth until it’s over … Why, then calmed down. eruption is over. wipe my mouth with the back of my ankle got up. yumuldum lips again … your shirt, vest Took a while … their feet trousers, shoes and pulled himself. çırılçıplaktık Both of us. vantuzundan save her laughing lips standing empty, semi-hard cock and then kept, – “Come on, darling, take me to bed, …” I said. “Nuptial bed, brown bear your manhood. Spacious bedrooms in the house where is it?” – “Across the hall at the end of the room sister … My parents bedroom … “I held his dick grasping, pulling a dead hastily threw myself on the bed in the bedroom … Hussein knows by heart go wide edge of the bed and sat down. Hold my hand like a flame burning, plant and equipment amcığıma took pleasure juices flowing. Get on it so I left trim stroked the tiny strip of hair. fingers between her lips caressed the inside of the stick. suffered in … – “ooohhhh … Very nice … Come on, my love … I’m your dick licked, sucked. now you lick me … Come .. . it to me … come between my legs … ” He bent over her head closer to groin. Forwarded by holding her hair. Reach out and began to lick between my legs. Wet amcığıma the theme of language shuddered, kasıldım. – “Ooohhh .. Lick my dear … Lick my love … Ice cream lick lick me like … Language, pass it around … Ohhh … Yes … That, Suck … She’s a tough thing, clitoris lick … Put into the language of the … Expiation … I missed it … I missed that … Continue … Fuck me with your tongue … Oohhhh … Mımmmm … “amcığıma burying her head holding her hair … He gave the right to the truth … I always do … I’m losing me as something wonderful licking, and hold your head like … I’ve enjoyed swimming with the sea, rolled on her back Put my knees on either side of the head Husseini … I put my pussy cock in her mouth when I lay down. 69th position, I was lying on top each other, lick it started to suck. still had a big dick … I’m licking my pussy Hussein faster than he licks his pleasure, the root of the was taking up to stick in my mouth. many minutes lick, lick, lick lick … Doyamıyordum … I looked, and I stopped licking begins to contract again … I went up straight. dick in my mouth licking his lips wet, wet lips yumuldum sularımla my pleasure. kissed, kissed, I kissed … their arms tightly wrapped, in pazularının chest tightens and was running out of breath … Then I asked my lips off his lips, – “Are you ready, my love? Are you ready to fuck me? national do you now? Will It puts a big dick to me?” – “Oohhh .. Yes … Yes Guler sister … I’m ready … “-” Come on, then … Let’s get started … “oppressed us were acting lift my hips, my stomach sank groin perineum call my men got thick dick. Pleasure waters, wet cunt lips grazed. Then got up on my knees a little more put my head impatiently waiting for the gate of clam. Fortress gate was based on the ram head. Sularımdan wet and slippery inside the head, a little more alçaldım to enter. entered the punch head with difficulty … I stopped, waited for get used to each other. Something I could feel the flow of water. I can not tell that I was getting pleasure. Later, I started to sit up. Alçaldım, alçaldım. Long cock inch by inch buried inside. Thickness smoking, filling the wound was getting a amcığıma … – “… Very nice … Very nice dick there Mımmmm harikaaa … ooohhhh … I miss my love … I almost forgot … Enjoy … Wait, wait … Wait a minute … It’s thick cock inside of me like a fist … Oooohhhh … my dear … you done to me … Erkeğimmm … How? Beautiful? How do you like to make love ? ” – “Ohh .. Yes … Very beautiful sister … Very good taste … As for the fire … I like to do with my hand … “-” Yes … Yes, dear … How do you like a glove wrapped yours, huh? My home, I watched how he did in the bathroom. I am not like that … real fuck now … ” – “I felt sister … I knew you were there … I made off … I wanted you to see … I wanted to seduce you … How do I find out what I wanted … Oohhh … Good thing I did … See, now I am in … “-” You rascal, you … ” I said, laughing … “So you dropped me up, huh? Ambitions tools did you make me look bad … Wait, I kill you, also on the pleasure you …” I started to get up to sit down and say it … Big dick buried inside the wound, I woke up again until the beginning of sniffing off. – “I already dying sister pleasure … Very nice sex … I wish if we had before … Very nice … Wonderful … Have been done, I’m dying pleasure … “-” I’m … I’m … Oooohhhh … My love is killing me … Expiation … Drinking in cock dick does not even feel your veins … Head ta … dibimde … Aaahhh … ” I just can not, moans, screams, tossing small. Boşaldığımı contract and could not count how many times while on the go. Then I took out of me, since ousted. My legs are rather small. Two saved my legs, my man also took hold on me. I got between my legs. – “On your knees now, man … Give me a big dick to me, Let it inside … Your sister tired now … Now you’re gonna tell me … Pompalayacaksın me … Gonna stick your dick in me … That’s it … “… Yet again, slowly put his dick into amcığıma hold up to half after entering the inside … bırakıverdi himself on top of me, his cock buried inside me to the bottom of … -” my dear Aahhhh … Slow … Slow Tighten the shock … ooohhhh …. It’s a great, however, it hurts … my husband big hard enters yours … “started to get up and down between my legs. Divided into two parts between the legs, hips avuçlayıp directed my man … Avuçluyor hips, caressing, holding myself waist draws tırnaklıyordum back. Hussein, before the stick was making slow slow. Then I began to accelerate. Filmed, buries her inside until the beginning of removing all of a sudden, as if hitting my womb per manhood. Issued each pull of the cock inside me again after a gap filled up milimine in me was squirting out of the waters. Down the back of the hole, filtered water of the bed, I could feel my pants were soaked. Raise my head and kissing her lips, licking, hair, lips, sucking away like mad. Delicate body, crushed under the weight of the body of his men, was running out of breath. To get off of me, when the weather was struggling. Finally, began to empty. Convulsed, trembling, gradually accelerating Decals stick inside, a fast-paced and fucking crazy to me … First fışkırmalarını, warm feeling inside menilerini the last time I started to let go. Both at the same time being deserted … Shouting, Inle Inle, were becoming writhing writhing orgasm. Discussed at the end of … We were like a fight out … Self-koyuvermiş, Hussein was lying on top of me … He can not breathe, I was like drowning under. I rolled off of me … Make a pillow hugged his arm. I’m in a large chest, legs, hand, had his muscular legs wrapped around the condition … Great … I have never known such a sex with my husband … So I’m satisfied, so I enjoyed not remember … – “How I love? Was it nice? Pleasure did you get?” I asked, stroking the hairs on his chest … I will not even answer … – “Yes … It was beautiful sister … Is awesome … “said the man. -” Husband After that, no sister … I’m your wife now … ” I said. Reached over and kissed her on the lips. He gave it to me for … – “Well, my love … So, dearest wife … Whatever you say … I have given this pleasure or … I’m your bitch now … “-” Well, come on … Get some rest, then my slave, c’mon … Then let’s do it again … again … fuck me … Put your big dick inside me again, again and again. I’m hungry .. feed him … ” – “Did you forget have? I’m hungry. This is so easy to leave me … I waited until I was you, dearest wife …” leaving me said … Although just drain cock still hard, erect, thick and huge. He did what he said … I fucked over and over again … Rest, rest a … We slept, woke up, had sex … Until the morning … Titre titre of my legs up in the morning, at daybreak, I went to my house. I threw myself into bed. I came to myself a little rest, had to take my son to school. Let’s go until the legs trembled. Hussain’s door when I got home I stole directly. She was at home still … Got up and opened the door to hear the excitement in my voice. Bed, love, immediately went home again … So tired that we slept until the afternoon wrapped in each other’s naked bodies … Three days later, when it comes to my husband had to leave. Hussain’s side came from the bottom of my husband making love to lay down in front of my eyes … I was getting pleasure, of course, but the pleasure of Hussain, his blind eyes, he could see me running all my body out of my mind wandering fingers. My husband is sitting in the summer house his grandfather left my son after going to invent an excuse. It is also very happy to be with their cousins. I have to be happy, top speed on my way home my boyfriend have my arms eagerly waiting for the moment … We did not go out of bed for a week. Every moment, every second, without getting tired we made love, koklaştık. In my house, her house … Without fear, without hesitation … Every corner of the house was for us to do sex. Yuvamızdı sin, happiness yuvamızdı …

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