Rude Boys Swap Speedos at Baths

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I’m in the changing rooms at the baths. I’ve undressed and put my speedos on. I love wearing my speedos at the baths. I love just standing in the changing rooms with everything bulging out in my tight little trunks, the material proper clinging to my dick and balls. I try not look at my bulging trunks too much coz when I look it just makes me feel proper sexy and my bulge gets bigger. I’ve had to sit down loads of times on the bench after I’ve slipped into my tight little speedos, wait till my boner goes back down before I go into the pool.

So anyway, I’ve just slipped into my tight little speedos when this lad who’s just changed into his speedos, he says, “Hey, mate, I like your speedos.”


“Your speedos, they’re well nice, mate.”


Strange thing to say. You don’t usually get boys telling other boys in the changing rooms at the baths that their speedos are well nice. It’s a bit gay, innit? Even if you’re thinking it, you don’t say it, do you?

Then he only comes over to me, comes up real close and says, “Yeah. They’re well nice.”

And he’s having a real good look. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable like coz he’s really looking and his eyes are on my packet.

He’s just standing there proper staring at my bulging packet.

Then he says, “I love speedos, me.”

I’m thinking: I’ve gathered that, mate.

I wish he’d stop looking and go away coz he’s making me feel sexy staring at my bulge in my speedos, and with him being a fit lad as well. Know what I mean?

I look at his speedos like coz he’s looking at mine and he looks well sexy. He fills his swimming trunks well nice.

And then he only goes and touches my speedos. Wouldn’t have been so bad if he’d had the decency to ask me first. But no. He just goes ahead and does it, puts his fingers on the silky material round my hips.

He says, “Oh they feel well nice, mate.”

That’s when my cock starts getting hard in my speedos. Well it’s bound to, innit? I’ve got this well fit lad touching my speedos for fuck’s sake.

I have to stop him before I embarrass myself with a full boner. I take his hands off my trunks.

“Whoa, mate. You can’t go touching me like that.”

It’s too late. My cock’s now rock solid, pointing to my left hip. The lad sees it. I pick my towel up and hold it in front of me but he takes the towel off me.

He says, “They look even better now, mate, with that big hot cock throbbing inside ‘em.”

I’m not embarrassed no more when I see that the same thing is happening in his speedos.

He sees me looking and he says, “Make you feel horny as fuck, silky speedos, don’t they?”

We just stand there face to face, boners showing in our trunks.

Then the lad, the naughty rude lad, he says, “Let’s swap speedos.”That would be well rude.

“Swap speedos?”
“Yeah. You up for it, mate?”
“Why? Why do you wanna swap speedos?”
“For a laugh.”
“You’re weird.”
“Come on, don’t be boring.”
“Well…we can’t take our trunks off now.”
“Why not?”
“Well, we can’t flash our boners in the changing rooms, can we?”
“Why not?”
“You’re not real you. We’ll get thrown out for being perves, won’t we?”
There’s only the two of us in the changing room but you never know. Somebody could walk in and see us, two naked lads with stiff cocks.
Anyway, he’s well naughty, this lad.
He says, “I don’t care, mate. They can look at my stiff cock if they want to, see if I care.”
He pulls his speedos down and out pops his hot tender dick all stiff and naked. He steps out of his speedos, stands there holding his speedos, naked in the changing rooms at the baths, a fit rude teenage lad with a nice hard slim smooth body and a great cock proudly sticking up all stiff and shiny. Wow. I thought I had a tender dick. That looks like you only have to touch it and it’ll explode. That has got to be the juicest-looking cockhead ever, well fat and shiny, dead purple and soaking wet with all the precum dribbling out. He just stands there showing his boner off to me. It’s fucking dancing about like it’s got a life of its own. He just doesn’t care.
I pull my speedos down and step out of ‘em and I feel well sexy being in the nude with this rude lad, our dicks well hard. We show off our big hot erections and it’s well sexy.
The rude lad tells me to put my speedos down on the bench. He holds his speedos and I slip my feet through the leg openings. Then he slowly pulls his speedos up my legs. This is unbearably sexy, makes me feel dead horny, this well fit naughty lad putting his speedos on me. He reaches my groin area and he tugs his speedos up over my balls and my hard cock. He slides his fingers round to the back. The waistband’s digging against my hard cock on the stiff underside just below my bell-end. Looks well horny with my stiff cock sticking up out of my swimming trunks.
He reaches behind, pulls the trunks up over my bum. He says I have a nice sexy arse and he smacks it through the clinging silk. There’s no way I can get all my stiff cock into the trunks, and like I said it looks well horny with a couple of inches sticking up above the waistband. My bell-end’s deep purple and it’s throbbing all hot and smooth against my belly.
“Mate. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hold it back.”
He can see the pre-cum dribbling out of my slit, down over the bulging shiny head of my cock and down my naked shaft and on to the silky speedos that are trapping my cock and balls.
“Oooh! Mate…I…I think I’m gonna cum!”
He puts one hand on my shoulder and smiles, says I look well sexy wearing his speedos. Just the thought of wearing his speedos almost makes me cum. My cock and balls are where his cock and balls have been.
“Oh mate. Wank me off in your speedos. Please!”
He cups my balls and says this feels well sexy and he strokes my cock, the bottom half through the clinging silk, the top naked half.
He quickly puts my speedos on himself and just like me he has a couple of inches sticking up above the waistband. We hold each other tight and we kiss and we hold on to each other’s arses and we rub our cocks together, our hot stiff dicks encased in each other’s silky speedos, our bell-ends naked and hot and shiny. We grind our dicks together and we slip our fingers inside each other’s speedos and stroke each other’s arses inside the trunks. We kiss more and move our hips around, grinding our dicks together.
We’re well rude and our cocks squirt gallons of jizz.
Once we lose our erections we snuggle our dicks inside our speedos. We’re covered in cum and we go out of the changing rooms together wearing each other’s speedos.
We dive into the swimming pool together.

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